Family Law

Families: they cheer us on when we are striving, they pick us up when we fall, they nurture and protect us – and they are the first to tell us if we are out of line! But sometimes things go wrong and we can find ourselves in need of legal help.

Relationships fall apart, and separation or divorce has become the only way forward. Then arguments arise over custody or visitation with your children, support payments, who gets what…  Breaking up is stressful and that’s why you need strong, compassionate legal representation. You need to hire an attorney who can make sense out of the insanity and protect your rights! 

Are you a grandparent who has found yourself cut out of your grandchildren’s lives? Wondering what can be done to make things right?  Grandparents have rights too! Call today to find out what Vargha Law can do to help you restore the precious relationship with your grandchildren. 

Are you a parent accused of Child Neglect by CPS? You know that you’re a good parent who only wants the best for your child, but how do you prove that when everyone seems to be against you? Mike Vargha is an experienced Family Law Attorney who isn’t afraid to go up against CPS and their lawyers. He knows what can be done to protect your family and he will fight tirelessly for your rights. 

Has your child lost their way (stopped going to school, refusing to meet curfew, running away from home), they’ve been charged with Juvenile Delinquency and now you find yourself trying to explain their behavior to a Judge? You are not alone! Vargha Law can help get the charges reduced (or even dismissed) and keep your child out of jail or a youth facility. 

Battling a difficult Ex or a disgruntled sibling? You’ve tried to calm things down but you haven’t been able to diffuse the situation and now you’re facing a Family Offense charge in Family Court, or maybe you need an Order of Protection for yourself and your children? Mike Vargha can help make sense out of the insanity by filing the right petition and defending you against the other party.

Why Vargha Law?

Mike Vargha, specializes in Family Law and can represent you on all family related matters including: Divorce, Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Modification of Child Support, Grandparents Rights, Paternity, Family Offenses, Accusations of Abuse or Neglect of children, and Juvenile Delinquency. His non-judgemental approach to the law can offer a welcome respite from the emotionally-charged events that seem to be overtaking your family. Mike will work swiftly and diligently to get you the result that is best for you.

Family is important. Protect yours! Make your appointment NOW by calling 607-221-0269 or email us at [email protected] to arrange your in-person meeting with attorney Mike Vargha. 

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