Juvenile Law

It is a universally known truth that even smart kids can make some pretty dumb choices. No child is immune – it’s part of growing up. For many young people the results of these actions are temporary: a bad grade, lost privileges, grounding, the humiliation of getting caught… But for some kids, there is a darker, potentially devastating cost to that youthful prank.  For some kids, those childish escapades end in being interviewed by the police, charges being brought – even incarceration! 

A wise man once said, “Children are your greatest joy and your biggest worry.” No matter how good of a parent you are, you can’t be with them 24/7. All you can do is teach them right from wrong – and hope for the best! 

If your child has made a misstep, or fallen in with a bad crowd, and found themselves charged with a crime, stay calm – and call a good attorney! Do not let your child speak with the police without an experienced lawyer in attendance!  As you know, “Anything they say can (and will) be used against them.”  Protect them from making a bigger mistake. Call Vargha Law IMMEDIATELY

Being charged with a crime can destroy your child’s life. Even if they are let go with a “slap on the wrist,” they may still have a criminal record that can prevent them from obtaining their college degree or destroy their future career goals.

Why Vargha Law?

Even if your child avoids falling prey to the criminal justice system, they may face disciplinary action by their university which could end in  them being suspended or expelled from college. If your child is facing a Disciplinary Hearing at their college, they have the right to due process which means they have the right to have an attorney represent them at the hearing. I’ve been asked many times “Does a student really need a lawyer for college hearings?” The answer is YES! What happens at those hearings can mean the end of your child’s education. The college will have an attorney present, you should too!  

Kids mess up. They’re young and they don’t always understand the implications of their actions. Protect them from catastrophic consequences. Hire an attorney with 30 years trial experience, a lawyer who is well known as a fierce defender of his clients, an attorney who gets results!

Make your appointment NOW by calling 607-221-0269 or email us at [email protected] to arrange your in-person meeting with attorney Mike Vargha. 

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